What are campaigns?

A campaign is a series of texts, learnings, and information related to a specific topic, such as a Microsoft app or a WorkplaceBuddy scenario, that are sent over time. Campaigns are specially designed to create proactive interaction between our software and you awesome people using it! We send the (invite for a) campaign through chat in Teams. If you accept, you will receive the campaign through messages over a period of time. As an admin or partner, you can also push your own campaigns!

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Our campaigns can be fun as well, check our Father's Day campaign

Join the journey!

We have a wide variety of campaigns that offer you a helpful and fun learning experience. For example, we offer a six-week learning series to get started with Microsoft 365 or you can choose a campaign fully focused on one Office app, such as Teams. If you decide to join a campaign, you will receive a message or a learning related to that topic every week or so (times vary).

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Fit to your needs

Not everyone learns at the same pace or has the same interests. Therefore, we have different campaigns with different goals, target groups, and level of relevance. For example, there are campaigns for the Microsoft 365 starter, more skilled users, or those who are looking for more fun in their work life. For example, a campaign to get started with Microsoft 365 is highly relevant for a beginner and has the goal to get them more digitally skilled. Another campaign, "Get organized", is there to increase knowledge and efficiency among intermediates.

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Unleashing the power of campaigns

Campaigns create active engagement with everyone and make sure that no one forgets their learning goals. However, campaigns are not only helpful for those of you who are end users, but they also help us at WorkplaceBuddy and or administrators better understand your skill levels and preferences so we can serve you best, win-win! As an admin or partner, you can also create your own campaigns. For example, do you want to introduce Teams calling into your organization? Or is security an essential topic? Or maybe you want to push a campaign to assist the finance department in their new project? It's all possible with catered campaigns!