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Get ready for the future of work, in a fun and effective way!

Digital skills are key for any professional career and WorkplaceBuddy is here to help! We take your personal learning and skill development to heart. Whether you are new to Microsoft 365 or you are an expert, we hope to be the fun-loving guide on your journey. With WorkplaceBuddy, you can earn credentials to help demonstrate your skills to current and future employees, keeping you up to date and ahead of the competition

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IT shouldn't feel like a struggle

We believe you can do more with IT than you think! Whether it is setting up an online conference or analyzing financial data, creating unique PowerPoint templates or setting up automatic email responses to customer orders, we can help you do it! For us, understanding your needs and personalizing your experience is important so your IT processes become easier and more effective. Our quick, bite-sized videos will empower you to achieve more, revitalize your work, and take on new challenges with a smile.

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What can you expect?

After a quick interview in the app, your personalized learning journey is created. During the interview, you can share the pace you want to learn at, so the experience is tailored to your needs. Besides the interview, you can ask WorkplaceBuddy all your Microsoft 365 questions. And if you want to dive into a specific topic, you can do so by browsing the learnings library. Also, you will receive regular updates, so you stay in-the-loop with what is most important for your job. As you progress, you will see new content catered to help develop your job skills which will help you create a bigger impact day-to-day.